“Be warned! If you listen to this guy, he will seriously change your life and the way the way you view it, going forward, into a positive future.”

At 56, I’m the healthiest and fittest I’ve ever been. I didn’t look this good even as a younger man.

Nigel, Managing Director at Pandora

“My name is Nigel, and for the past few years, I realised that it was now or never to change my approach to my own health and fitness. As a high flying executive, my time was limited until, by a chance referral, I was introduced to Michael Pearce.

“I always thought it was a dream to be that weight. And it wasn’t just the weight loss that made a difference, my body shape changed and became more toned and — most importantly — healthier than before.

“Over a few weeks, my diet changed, my attitude to training became more determined, my focus on body awareness improved, and my mentality shifted to achieve more for me!

“In the time I’ve been training with Michael, I have shed the weight and toned up. I’m 56 and I look like a younger man. So my advice would be to call him, email him, text him, whatever. Just get in touch with Michael and start your journey.”