“Before I started training with Michael, I was at a number of loose ends. The first was to do with my own fitness progression. Although I’d always tried to maintain an active life, working out in the gym, I’d always struggled to get the physical results I was looking for.

“The second was more to do with my mental wellbeing, having suffered from depression for many, many years.”

Now I feel fitter and happier, now I’ve found a healthier alternative to medication. Life is so much better.


“One of the reasons I began exercising in the first place was to help combat my depression, but as the results failed to come, it only compounded how negative and frustrated I was feeling.

“I was introduced to Michael, who understood a great deal about what I was going through personally, and how I was generally feeling about things. He also identified where I’d been going wrong all these years, and assured me that he would not only help me achieve the physical transformation I was looking for but that it would also help me feel better about myself.

“We began by looking at my diet and the types of activities I’d been falsely doing, and this completely changed my way of thinking when it came to nutrition and exercise.

“After the first few weeks of training with Michael, I could immediately feel the benefit of his knowledge and expertise. I followed his advice about eating the correct foods at the correct time and was beginning to notice my fitness levels improving alongside positive changes in my body shape and composition.

“More importantly, I was beginning to feel a lot more bright and optimistic about things on the whole. Having a clearer direction of what I needed to do, and having Michael there support and motivate me along the way really kept me focussed and driven.

“I was told by doctors that anti-depressant medication was the only long-term solution, but working with Michael proved them wrong. With the right diet and exercise in place, and with the focus on something positive for myself, I no longer needed to rely on medication. Before, I felt sluggish, disconnected, and permanently dried-out. Now I feel more in-tuned I could be with my own mind and body.

“Even on days when I felt low or lacking, I was able to maintain the vision of what I wanted to achieve, thanks to Michael and his unwavering support. He’s extremely passionate about helping people get to where they want to be — not just getting fitter and healthier but helping them be a happier, more complete version of themselves.

“I know I’ll continue to work with Michael. His knowledge is bulletproof and his approach is proven.

“Thank you, Michael”