I’m so proud of Hannah. When she came to me, she was out of shape and unhappy with her weight. I promised her that if she gave me 12 weeks of her time, and I would give her the transformation in her body and her health that she was looking for.

During that time, we started off by increasing her physicality, introducing cardio and more activity it into her day-to-day lifestyle. Once Hannah’s fitness levels increased, we then introduced more high-intensity exercises combined with weight and bodyweight workouts.

I’m so proud of Hannah Stillitoe – now author of Radiant and founder of My Goodness Recipes.

We also worked on radically changing her diet; introducing all-natural, all-healthy foods like protein, fresh vegetables and essential fats (because you need to eat fat to stay slim, that’s what I always say!) and generally getting the right nutrition her body needed.

Needless to say, the transformation was incredible — inside and out. Hannah was able to drop the weight she had wanted to lose and achieve a slimmer, stronger, more defined body composition that she had always dreamed of.

Like all good students, Hannah was able to apply the tools and knowledge she had learned under my tutor-ledge in order to really change her life. Now she is a successful fitness and nutrition coach, inspiring others to implement the same changes that helped her.

Well done, Hannah!