“I have been a successful business owner for nearly 15 years now, during this time there have been plenty of highs and lows, with plenty of stressful periods.

“I have always been a motivated person, into my health and fitness. Over the last three years, I have started to suffer more with stress and anxiety often experiencing patchy sleep.”

Working with Michael has not only improved my physical health, but done wonders for my wellbeing as a whole. I feel great.

Craig, owner of Koobr

“It could be argued that, at times, I was sabotaging my health and fitness, with periods of neglecting exercise or eating and drinking less healthy options.

“Now, only a few months away from my 40th birthday, I decided I needed to make some positive changes in my life. I have heard too many stories of reasonably healthy people who suffer from stress having heart attacks or strokes. With a wife and two young children, I started to worry about my health and what it could do to my family if the worst happened.

“I started being stricter on my diet and exercising more, but I was aware that in past I had made excuses or let life or work get in the way.

“I was introduced to Michael by my accountant. When I met Michael, I explained my primary motivations, for me the cosmetic side of a healthy body is just a good side effect.

“We started training three times per week and also keeping a food diary, my diet was already not far from where it needed to be but Michael put right some of the misinformation about food. You hear a lot of conflicting information and Michael’s knowledge is based on many years of tried and tested experiences.

“Within weeks I have already started seeing substantial changes in my body and I am already feeling the fittest I have ever been.

“This process of investing in my health opened my eyes up to the good that this could do for my employees, so we commissioned Michael to create a weekly training session for us to have before work. My reasons for doing this was, team building, reduced health problems, employee retention and increased productivity. I originally planned to do this for 8 weeks, but having seen the positive effect that it had on the team, we have decided to keep the sessions going.”

As a responsible business owner, I make it the utmost importance to look after the health and wellbeing of my staff

Craig, owner of Koobr.

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“Following my success and the success of my employees, two of our staff are now working with Michael on a personal training basis and one of our customers has adopted the team training program also.

“Including the three PT sessions, Michael’s weekly HIT class, and our work team training class, I am now training with Michael five times per week, there is rarely a day that goes by that I am not doing intense exercise.

“I believe that everyone reaches a critical point where they need to make a positive change in their life. I reached mine and am very focused and committed to this journey. I am planning to continue working with Michael and recommending him at every opportunity, I am very glad that our paths have crossed.

“Thanks, Michael.”