“My name is Chris. I’m the owner of a business based in Derby. Rewind to March 2014 and I was unhealthily overweight. I had aches and pains all over my body (particularly in my lower back) but more significantly, I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. My only thoughts were of escape from this life. I knew my internal dialogue was all wrong and negatively affecting my life. I could recognise that much, but the pressure bearing down on me was so great that I couldn’t see how I could get through the day when I woke up in the morning.

“How had I let myself come this far? I was barely squeezing into size 36 jeans, showed no vitality for life anymore, and my head was clouded with the stresses of work.”

Working with Michael has completely transformed me. I look better, feel better, and now I can enjoy life to the full.

Chris, owner of TRC

“I knew I needed to take action as I was about to throw in the towel, sell my business, leave my wife of only four years and get the hell out — I felt this was the only answer. Until I met Michael Pearce.

“Working with Michael, I saw a guy filled with passion and energy, with a fantastic physique to boot. I felt I was looking at myself, only five years earlier.

“The first four weeks were grueling, but the transformation was undeniable. By the end of week-four, I felt completely re-energised. I was getting up and looking forward to something again — I was even smiling for the first time in as long as I could remember.”

“I pulled out my old clothes that I hadn’t worn in over 18 months… I was back in size 32 jeans again!

“At this point, I knew working with Michael was the key to my physical and mental wellbeing. I just kept absorbing his every bit of advice on fitness and nutrition and listened to every observation he gave about my state and condition. It was as though he understood the person I could be.

“All signs of depression soon diminished. I kept a close eye on my internal dialogue and I could see how positive I was becoming again. All those thoughts about selling up and getting out had completely disappeared. Instead of looking down, I was looking up.

“My personal life was marvellous again. My wife even started taking to the gym after she saw the transformation I had made.

“It’s amazing how much small changes can make big differences; going to the gym three times a week and tweaking my diet — that’s all!

“I have cut out sugar completely, and I regulate the carbohydrates and get my daily amount of protein. I’m following Michael’s lead and feeling better than ever. I don’t even recall feeling this fit as a younger man!

“Above everything else, I’ve made a great friend in Michael. He is incredibly passionate about changing people’s lives and I can’t recommend him highly enough. I live off his energy in the gym. I can see he takes no shortcuts and I admire that so much.

“I’ve seen the back of my darkest times and I carry on working with Michael because he’s pushing me to the next level in my development. I could not have imagined being here, back in 2014. It seems a world away for me now.

“If you want to be the best you can be, see Michael. He will bring it out of you if you really want it.”