“See that picture below? That’s me on the left-hand side, size 14 and 11 stone at 5ft 3inches. After making the decision to lose weight, I joined several different slimming clubs and ended up going around and around in circles losing weight and then putting it back on. I did manage to get down to 9 stone 7 pounds but struggled to get past this point. Until I began training with Michael Pearce.

My life has completely changed for the better. I can’t believe how much better I look and feel.


“Michael completely changed my way of thinking about diet and exercise, which led to my eventual weight loss and maintenance at 8 stone 7 pounds.


“I always thought it was a dream to be that weight. And it wasn’t just the weight loss that made a difference, my body shape changed and became more toned and — most importantly — healthier than before.

“I now know the things I need to do to stay like this, thanks to Michael’s teachings and guidance. I am still training with Michael and I know my health and fitness will only continue to improve.



“Michael is always on-hand to answer any questions and give advice. His drive, motivation, and encouragement exceed any other personal trainer or fitness instructor I have worked with, and I would thoroughly recommend him for anybody wanting to be the best version of themselves. Michael will turn your dreams into reality.”