Discover what’s infinitely most important in life on a coaching retreat with Ellipse Health.

Rethink and realign

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to see what’s infinitely most important in life. We’re so consumed by the distractions, stresses, and the plethora of modern-day conformities, that so many of us are kept from achieving true happiness. A change in our surroundings, back to nature, is the perfect way to clear our thinking and take stock.

That’s why Ellipse Health invites you to rethink, realign, and rediscover yourself at one of our getaway retreats on the beautiful island of Sardinia.

More than rest and relaxation, a stay at one of our retreats gives you the opportunity to improve spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. It’s a purposeful experience that delivers lasting rejuvenation.

Together we will travel to the serene Sa Iba Resort in Tertenia, surrounded by crystal waters and vast mountains, the perfect location for deep, spiritual cleansing.

Let’s strip away the non-essentials of modern-living; the relentless devices that keep us from being tuned-in to the world around us; basking in the fresh, clean air of what is widely considered to be one of the world’s last true natural treasures untempered by man’s interference — a recognised Blue Zone linked to the exceptional health and longevity of its inhabitants. Only then, amidst the megalithic structures of this historically rich island, can we start to re-examine your own life in its most meaningful terms.

As well as developing a stronger spiritual connection within, we’ll also look at understanding your physical needs — nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle — in order be the healthiest, strongest version of yourself and implement a fresh start to your life upon return.

Sardinia offers many scenic beach and rural locations ideal for bike riding, horse riding, trekking and yoga. Together we’ll partake in a variety of activities that will not only improve your physical fitness, but will also enhance your appreciation for our natural surroundings; a detox from the stresses and inconveniences of modern-day living.

Combine this with the classic, all-natural Sardinian diet — rich in essential fats and quality proteins, which are all free from the pesticides and herbicides commonly found in our western food chain — and you have the perfect recipe for a healthier mind and body balance.