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Hi, I’m Michael and I have been on an organic plant based diet now for more than 2 years.
On the 7th September 2017, I watched a five minute clip of an animal welfare film called:
Dominion, which exposed; “…the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture, questioning the
morality and validity of humankinds dominion over the animal kingdom…” [1]

After watching this clip I stopped eating meat the very same day! And began eating a strictly
plant based diet, all organic and I am happy to say that I’m thriving.

However with this diet there were a few shortfalls, mainly with my Recommended Daily
Allowance (RDA) for protein and certain vitamins and minerals, which for me needed to be
higher than the average person, due to how much exercise I carry out on any given day.

This short fall consisted of mainly protein, but I was also lacking in a variety of essential vitamins
and minerals, just like many other vegans, vegetarians, women and older people are.

Because I could not find a protein powder which tasted remotely pleasant, or even one that
wasn’t full of ingredients I could not pronounce, I went about developing my own with the
knowledge accumulated during the writing of my Book: Had Enough Yet? By Michael J
Pearce [2]

Michael’s protein health shake as I like to call it, has only 8 GMO free and 100 percent organic
ingredients (no preservatives no additives) inside, that’s it!

These ingredients are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and rich in polyphenols.

What I have developed here, is a product that not only pulls inflammation out of our bodies
quickly, it also aids towards building lean muscle mass (which I have lots of!) and can be used
as a meal replacement, when mixed with organic foods, to aid towards rapid weight loss, i.e. up
to 1lb a day safely and sustainably.

It’s also fantastic for increasing our energy levels, something most people are low on, due to it
having 45% of our RDA of copper; 39% RDA of iron; 27% RDA of zinc; 24% of our vitamin B1
requirements in just one serving mixed with water. These levels are further improved when
mixed with real organic foods and oat milk.

My protein shake ingredients have all been certified organic, so there is no point to mix this
protein health shake with rubbish ingredients, or anything grown with pesticides (which will keep
our bodies in constant inflammation).

If using as a lunch meal replacement for weight loss, be sure to skip breakfast as it is NOT the
most important meal of the day (as we have been lead to believe!) especially if you are
overweight, please see the free chapter from my book [3] entitled; Is Breakfast the most
important meal of the day?

If using as a meal replacement or as part of your healthy eating plan (like I do!) please use 250
ml of oat milk and 250 ml of bottled water (not tap water); 1 organic date (stone removed); half
of one ripe banana; half of a ripe avocado and blend together.

Please DO NOT mix with cow’s milk…This is a super clean plant based product, and cow’s milk
could be inflammatory, also I don’t recommend using soya milk, as 90% of the world’s soya is of
the GMO variety [4]

Therefore what we have here is huge potential… something extremely beneficial to our health,
look at it as a huge serving of plant based, powered goodness, with real benefits to our health
and mental wellbeing.

[1] Dominion Documentary : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5773402/
[2] Had Enough Yet by Michael J Pearce
[3] Had Enough Yet by Michael J Pearce, pages 8 to 11
[4] https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/170-scientific-reasons-to-lose-the-soy-in-your-diet/